When late is better than early, actor Ke Huy Quan, novelist Min Jin Lee, poet Chen Chen, and how I touched an Oscar via the associative property.

February 2023

How your subconscious can work out thorny problems for you, my evening with an illustrious Canadian, and a whole bunch of book reviews.

January 2023

If your name is Coach Prime, exaggeration and extravagant fur coats are allowed.

December 2022

In which I bestow book awards on behalf of all Jenkind, discuss Will Ferrell's historical doppelgänger, and suggest how to plan your writing practice a…

November 2022

Why even solitary artists need to learn to work with others, contemplating a cursed, clown-themed Airbnb, and celebrating a new collection of Lucia…

October 2022

The season of revision, learning from Texas armadillos, and many new books to celebrate.

September 2022

Working within limitations, evading nefarious mountain goats, and reading some dark Denver literature.

August 2022

Back-to-school means time to read in France, honoring the late, great International Male, and looking forward to a new anthology...

July 2022

Keeping friendly to yourself, Flash Invaders, The Grapes of Wrath, and a Colorado Book Award!

June 2022

Advice from a street artist about getting your work out there, inspiring female artists, and The Idiot returns

May 2022

How to finish a book, again and again and again until it stays finished.

April 2022

A valiant teacher is rewarded, finding a mentor, new fiction about the immigrant experience, and a slew of new writing classes and events.